Reading Initiative  

The Church of God is asking you to be one of the thousands around the world that commit to reading the scriptures every day!

With the READ initiative, we are striving to work through the scriptures in a constructive way that promotes personal growth as well as growth throughout our community.

Let us strive to learn scripture, love scripture, and live scripture.

We are so glad you have decided to join us on this great adventure through the scriptures. Sign the Pledge!

R – Reflect. As you work your way through scriptures, don’t rush it! Take the time to truly let the wisdom of the Bible sink in and change you deep inside. We all have a journey and we are all at different places on that journey. Think about where you are and how the scriptures affect your life.

E – Engage. Make sure you really dig in. The Bible isn’t just meant to be read. It is meant to be lived! Are you living to your fullest? If not, chances are you aren’t engaging with the Bible. This year, live life fully, and engage with the scripture.

A – Apply. Never forget that the Bible is just as applicable to our lives today as it has ever been. Don’t let the messages of the scriptures pass you by! Apply them every day.

D – Disciple. One of the best things about this journey is that we can take others with us. Invite those around you to join in the adventure and work alongside those who might never have read the Bible before. Helping someone else read the scripture can be just as rewarding as reading it yourself.